Huei-Wen Chen
Professor and Director 

TEL : 886-2-23123456#88606

FAX : 886-2-23410217

E-mail : shwchen@ntu.edu.tw


Personal Files

National Taichung First Senior High School
Taipei Medical University
National Taiwan University, College of Medicine (PhD)

Training or working experiences:
1999, PhD in Pharmacology, National Taiwan University
2000~2004, Post-Doctor National Taiwan University Hospital
2004~2005, Assistant Professor, National Chung-Hsing University
2005~2008, Assistant Professor, National Yang-Ming University
2008~2009, Associate Professor, National Yang-Ming University
2010~2014, Associate Professor, National Taiwan University
2012~, Director, Graduate Institute of Toxicology, National Taiwan University Medical College
2012~, Director, Laboratory Animal Center (LAC), National Taiwan University Medical College
2014~,  Professor, National Taiwan University


The Research


Publication List (2008-2014): *Corresponding author.

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    Nature-asia highlight: Cancer: Targeting cells that support lung tumours. http://www.natureasia.com/en/research/highlight/9208
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Conference papers 

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  2. 2012, 2013 travel grant award of the 71st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association, September 19-21, in Sapporo, Japan.
  3. 2011, 行政院國家科學委員會100 年度吳大猷先生紀念獎
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